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Is the seafood from Tsukiji safe to eat? 2011/10/14 00:31
Going to Tokyo next week. Would like to try the seafood in Tsukiji but do not know whether it is safe from radiation. Can any natives give some advice on this?
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Re: Is the seafood from Tsukiji safe to eat? 2011/10/14 14:27
Seafood is being screened for heightened radiation levels. Not much contamination has been found so far. And even the contaminated fish would have to be eaten in enormous quantities (hundreds of kilograms) in order to pose a health hazard.
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Re: Is the seafood from Tsukiji safe to eat? 2011/10/14 20:45

Actually, fish at Tsukiji come from all over the world, so you're basically asking "Is it safe to eat fish in general in Japan?"

Here are the results of the regular radiation tests.

Food that is contaminated to the point that it is not safe will be immediately banned from the market.

However you have to admit that not every single fish body is tested every day, test results of whatever is tested won't come out until about 3 days after they take the sample, and food with low amount of radiation detected is considered safe and sold while you can still buy food with no radiation detected at all. So if you are sensitive about these things, be sure to keep yourself updated.

But then, food from any other part of the world can be contaminated, too. It was just a couple of years ago that a serious amount of radiation was detected from jam imported from France.
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merely sample survey 2011/10/15 08:40
Not every fishes are inspected.
The inspection at Tsukiji is mere sample survey.

Brokers of Tsukiji don't buy fishes which are landed at Tohoku's port. But it's nonsense. Fishes are swimming and migrating in vast Pacific Ocean. And we must consider an ocean current.
I ate saury at yesterday dinner. It was delicious. However, I think it may have been contaminated.
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