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Watching TV on computer 2011/10/17 14:53

I really want to watch japanese tv and I was wondering if I should buy a TV or there is another way.

And I found this topic:

But I can't find further information about it. Can you see FujiTv on it and all the other normal channels? Is the quality the same as it would be on a normal TV? What kind of problems can I have with it?

If you know some link with english explanations or could explain a little yourself, please help!
by Cristina (guest)  

Re: Watching TV on computer 2011/10/17 22:03
u livin in Japan?
if so where?(tokyo/Kanto)

if not (outside Kanto or Japan) use "KeyHoleTV" easy (not BEST).

watch this (install to "how to use" in JP)
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Re: Watching TV on computer 2011/10/17 22:10
Yes, I'm living in Japan, otherwise the questions would be useless.

Uhm...I want real tv, can't stand keyhole anymore. I've been watching it for years in my country and the quality is crappy.

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