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Sending items with lithium ion battery 2011/10/19 18:14
Sending anything with lithium ion batteries(3DS, PSP, Cameras, PS3 Controller, iPods, pretty much everything) is not allowed by air is not allowed bythe Japanese postal service. I know a lot of people successfully send such things without getting the item returned but others have the item returned to them. Does any one have any recent experience with this? I believe DHL and Fedex have special services for this, but there aren't any near me. Do Sagawa or Kuro neko have any restrictions or similar international services? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Sending items with lithium ion battery 2011/10/20 10:14
You may want to inquire at OCS Overseas Courier Service.
They have unlimited weight per box size and do JET and other moving/shopping including electronics items forwarding to Japan.
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Re: Sending items with lithium ion battery 2011/10/20 17:08
Sorry, I forgot to mention that I am specifically talking about sending items internationally from within Japan. Thank you.
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Re: Sending items with lithium ion battery 2011/10/24 07:22
local transport companies don't care and won't ask you

sending internationally is tricky, i usually dodge the question when asked and i am sure not to reveal that the package has a Li-On battery inside it.

actually as long as the li-on battery you're shipping is made in Japan or Korea it's safe, Chinese made batteries are the culprits that result in anti-shipping regulations.
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Re: Sending items with lithium ion battery 2011/10/25 04:29
For Winterwolf,
Long before China got into the business of making less quality equipment (they also produce the iPod/iPad family!!) there existed limitations for shipping all kinds of batteries. So i don not believe that the Chinese are the reason for the current regulations. And even for Japanese batteies you can not be sure that they are actually produced in Japan.
B. Slager
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