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Seven-Eleven Return Policy (not food) 2011/10/26 19:49
I accidentally bought a FM transmitter for my car without realizing that my car only has AM channels. (The stations don't come in well at all where I am so I haven't paid a lot of attention to my radio.) I have the original packaging and the receipt - no shrinkwrap so it can easily be replaced in the packaging. Is this possible to do? What's a good way to explain this to the staff?

Thanks for any suggestions :)
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Re: Seven-Eleven Return Policy (not food) 2011/10/26 22:08

Since this mistake was yours and not the store's, I can't assure you that they will let you return it, but quite often stores in general are generous about these things. It's worth a try, especially if it's within a week after you've bought it. Go to the store, preferably when the manager is there, and say,

"Sumimasen, henpin o onegai dekimasennka?
Jibun no kaa-sute wa AM shika jushin shinain desuga
sono koto ni kizukazuni katteshimaimashita."
(Excuse me, could you let me return this?
My car stereo only receives AM but
I didn't realize that when I accidentally bought this.)

By the way, there is a chance that the storekeeper will refuse "refunds (henkin)" but will accept you "make another purchase instead (hoka no seihin to koukan)."
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