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Using a 35mm SLR Camera in japan 2011/10/27 01:49

I have a very quick question and hopefully a Camera enthusiast can help me out. I'll be leaving for Japan next week..

I'm going to be using a 35mm SLR in Japan and would like to convert the film to DVD format when I am there. Are there shops that can do this? Place like Bic Camera?

by Tom (guest)  

Re: Using a 35mm SLR Camera in japan 2011/10/27 11:55
Yes, you can do it at Bic.

Most likely the small photo shops located randomly throughout the city also offer this service.

It's usually flat initial fee + per frame fee.

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Re: Using a 35mm SLR Camera in japan 2011/10/30 17:04
My experience on the matter is from 2005, so please take it with a grain of salt....

I went to Japan with my family with 2 35 mm slrs. I took exclusively slide film with me. Had it developed at a professional photo lab in Gaienmae...

I checked possibilities of scanning slides - it was OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive, about 50 yen a frame + 500 yen for the media (CD/DVD). And the turnaround wasn't quick at all...

I finished about 30 rolls in 10 days. At that cost it would have cost around $550, at that price I could get a fairly decent digital camera.

I waited until I got home to scan it and less than a third of the price...

Maybe things have changed now, but I wouldn't be sure...

Since then I have been in Japan twice, and only with digital cameras.

Have a wonderful trip!
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Re: Using a 35mm SLR Camera in japan 2011/10/30 18:12
i agree with the above poster - don't do it here.

as he mentioned, you could get a digital camera, or even better you could buy your own digital slide scanner for less than the cost of having all that work done for you.

film photography in japan is still very much alive, however it's mostly hobbyists or people who develop and scan their own film at home (self-develop/scanners have been increasing rather than decreasing in number for the past few years)
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