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Where can I buy a big orange pumpkin? 2011/10/27 13:59
I want to buy a pumpkin to put a candle inside for a Halloween party. I need one around the size of a football or maybe a bit smaller but not the little diddy decorative ones. All the Japanese pumpkins I see in supermarkets are green (but delicious). I want one more for the appearance so Id prefer to get a big orange one. The only orange ones I can find seem to be sold by flower shops and are ridiculously expensive...I really want to get a real one (not plastic) but any ideas where I can get one at a reasonable price?
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Re: Where can I buy a big orange pumpkin? 2011/10/28 10:42
I've ordered them in the past from fbc and they weren't too expensive. But they're already sold out and there wouldn't be any hope of getting it before halloween anyway.

I've also seen them at regular supermarkets, but it was rather hit or miss. Power Center Uokatsu always seems to have them in my area at reasonable sizes and prices.

Costco also carries carving pumpkins and they were pretty cheap if I remember right. Actually I might go pick one up tonight myself.
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Re: Where can I buy a big orange pumpkin? 2011/10/28 11:23
I have no idea in which city you are located but... the JA (_) farmers markets have big pumpkins.

I recently saw a big selection in Shiga.

Coscto also had them.
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Jack-o-Lanterns 2011/10/29 05:53

I'd been buying the type of pumpkins in Tokyo area for years, and they were always "ridiculously expensive" if you call 2000 yen "ridiculously expensive," so I've made a ceramic one myself.

Let's face it. If you want to buy something that very few people buy, you need to pay a lot of money for the market. Maybe next year, you can try buying cheap ones on-line.
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Re: Where can I buy a big orange pumpkin? 2011/11/2 10:42
Its too late for the OP, but I did end up going to Costco the other day. FYI, they didn't have any halloween stuff out anymore despite there still being 4 days until the holiday. Christmas stuff was everywhere though. I guess the takeaway is to shop early for foreign holiday items, especially if you don't want to have to pay out the nose.
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