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bright orange sweet potatoes? 2011/10/30 06:37
Holidays in the states for people my age require candied sweet potatoes, made from bright orange potatoes that usually have brown skins. I am up to my ears in satsuma imo with bright red skins, but they are palefaces on the inside. There used to be a farm in Kyushu (30+ years ago) that would ship to flavor-homesick Americans, but I've had no luck finding it on line. Help!
by Catherine (guest)  

Re: bright orange sweet potatoes? 2011/10/30 23:49
Kawagoe Saitama is famous for sweet potatos (satsuma-imo). You can find the orange potato there. See the link to check if it is what you are looking for. #8 is the photo called Shichifuku-ninjin.

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Re: bright orange sweet potatoes? 2011/10/31 05:26
Thank you. The description sounds right, and the name is great! Seven happy carrots!!
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an-nou-imo? 2011/11/3 21:21
Hi Catherine,

I'm sure you're happy with the kawagoe-imo, but just for reference, I just came back from the supermarket where they had "annou-imo" with the discription of "bright orange on the inside." Here is a list of shopping sites from a Google search.

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