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chirashizushi / sashimi don 2011/11/3 22:48

are there any chirashizushi or sashimi don chains in japan ? looking for cheap and good deals of chirashizushi thanks!

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Re: chirashizushi / sashimi don 2011/11/8 09:27
Those dishes are served at sushi restaurantss - I don't think there are chains that specialize in those two dishes. You might want to look around in town to see if you find any sushi restaurants with those dishes displayed in their window.

One take-away sushi chain that I like (but only take-aways):
THe name is "Chagetsu," and they tend to be in residential areas/close to train stations in residential areas.

One sushi restaurant chain that seem to get good reviews for their lunch deal:
called "Sushi zanmai," they seem to have many branches around Tokyo, particularly on the east side.
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Re: chirashizushi / sashimi don 2011/11/11 02:27
Chirashi-zushi are eaten mainly in the Kansai area (hence Kyodaru Kyoto-style sushi takeaway chains offer chirashizushi). The "normal" sushi are Edo-mae zushis (Tokyo-style sushi). The Tokyoites don't eat chirashi-zushi that often.
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Re: chirashizushi / sashimi don 2011/11/13 07:50
Tsukiji has some good domburi. Here is link from a foodie blog with some recommendations: http://foodsaketokyo.wordpress.com/2011/07/04/tsukiji-market-cheap-eat...
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Re: chirashizushi / sashimi don 2011/11/13 08:00
Wakasaya (ዷ) is a Kaisendon (donburi with sashimi) chain. Donburi start at about 1000yen.
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