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wearing red dress considered bad luck? 2011/11/4 06:11
I will be attending the opening night of a friend's play in Osaka in a couple of is a very big production and I was thinking of wearing a formal red dress...I've read in various places that red ink is considered bad luck (representing death) and was wondering if a red dress would at all be considered in not good taste.
thank you...
by juliejewel (guest)  

Re: wearing red dress considered bad luck? 2011/11/5 12:46
What sort/hue of red is it? Is it closer to orange?

Although I am not familiar with this colour association, I am aware there are certain colours that are appropriate for occasions such as weddings or funerals (eg. black).

Since it is an opening night for a play, I think the outfit would be appropriate and not in bad taste since your dress would be of formal attire.
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red dress expresses happy and flashy 2011/11/5 13:18

Being Japanese, I've never heard that red or red ink implies bad luck or death in Japan. In fact, as far as fabrics are concerned, red is considered in Japan as the happiest color you can get.

It is indeed true that you should not carelessly use red ink when writing words, because as it is in most countries, red letters are used to attract attention or to express negative earnings, but this doesn't apply to fabrics.

However, red is also a very flashy color. Be sure you don't stand out more than the person who is supposed to such as the leading actress perhaps.
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