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Heian Jingu Spring Festival 2011/11/4 20:01
Does anyone have any information on the festival at Heian Jingu on April 16. I've seen a few photos of Maiko dancing from the various hanamachi and also a shrine festival with Priest and Priestess on the outdoor stage. I haven't been to this shrine on previous visits but from the photos it looks beautiful in blossom and look forward to adding it to our itineray for next spring.

Does anyone know any background to this event, is the shrine open to the public during it and what time does it start. I have found very limited information in English sites. It may be called Heian Jingu Reitaisai Hono Buyo but I haven't even been able to successfully translate that to know if it might be correct.

Thank you for any information.
by pacifictonz  

F.Y.I 2011/11/8 10:07
Hi! pacifictonz-san.
Heian Jingu Reitaisai(_{@Ձj@
I tried translation of the upper site.
These can be seen also by whom.

(1)Reisai(Ձj15th Apr.AM10:00
Imperial messenger procession
Dancing by a shrine maiden
Dedication of the song by a citizen chorus

(2)Reisai of the next day(՗Ձj16th Apr.
The tea party by selected people() AM11:00`PM3:00
Flower arrangement is presented(ԉ) AM9:00`PM3:00
The garden party by a Kou-member( u )AM11:00`PM3:00

The following is a big event.
I think It contains what you described.

Some events are presented(_s)
16th Apr.PM0:00`PM3:00
iThe ceremony using a kitchen knife)
̕@iDancing by a Maiko)
_yiOkagura court dance and music)
ⵋȁ@iA performance of a koto)
@@iJapanese Mai-dance)
x@iJapanese dance)
ہ@iA performance of a drum)
y@iBugaku court dance and music)

I hope this is helpful to you.
by naniwanojoe rate this post as useful

Re: Heian Jingu Spring Festival 2011/11/8 11:08
Thank you Naniwanojoe-san. You have been so helpful in answering my questions for our next Kyoto trip in Spring. Thank you for taking the time to translate the information for me.

I am very excited that we can extend our visit by a few days to see this event.
by pacifictonz (guest) rate this post as useful

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