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Gataketto Niigata Comic Market 2011/11/5 03:29
Hello, im a big fan of doujinshis and otaku stuff in general. I love comiket, but i want to go on a little smaller comikmarket for once since its some time until next comiket, i found on the net about Gataketto a bimontlhy comicmarket, unfortunetly my japanese is still very lacking when it comes to reading.
I think next (118) is now in November but not exactly sure when?
Also do anyone knows if thers an entrence fee or not?
Any help or advices from former visitors is very appricietet.
Also i hope my engöish is understanable haha.
by Tommie-san (guest)  

Re: Gataketto Niigata Comic Market 2011/11/7 01:05
118 is on Nov 23, 10:30-15:30 at Niigata-shi Sangyo Shinkou Center. It looks like you need to pay an addmission fee or something, but they don't tell how much. Judging from the admission for Cosplay (on other day) is set at JY1,500, so it should be lower than that at least. It could be free. You will find it out there on Nov. 23.
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Re: Gataketto Niigata Comic Market 2011/11/7 01:08
Thank you very much Jay :)
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