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Late 70's Volleyball Girl Drama Show? 2004/9/1 09:03
I've been trying to look for information about this late 70's TV show about this girl trying to make it in a volleyball team and ended up competing in the tournaments. Her best move is to do a flip in mid air before she spikes. I love watching this show as a kid and have been searching all over to see if it's out on DVD, video, etc. If any of you have any information about this show, please email me.
by simon  

I know which show 2004/9/1 13:23
It's called "Moero! Attack" starring Yumiko Araki. But I couldn't find any information on any video or DVD for that show.
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Volleyball 2004/9/2 00:46
That was an awesome show. I do recalled she even did a mid air spiral then spike.
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nothing I could find... 2004/9/2 09:33
Thanks for the info! However, I searched everywhere on the internet and couldn't find anything related to "Moero! Attack" with Yumiko Araki". This show was huge back in the late 70's in Hong Kong, I am sure it was just as popular in Japan since that's where it's originated.

And that spiral flip spiking move was awesome! I even remember another girl even did the reverse spiral flip to withstand that move. I really really really miss that show. It will bring back so much memory if I can find it on VHS or DVD.
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Yumiko 2004/9/2 13:54
Actually, I don't think you are going to turn up anything searching in English. But I couldn't find it on Japanese search engines either, except some passing comments on non-related sites.

Seems like Araki Yumiko was more of a singer than actress, here is a page with her albums:

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Back flip 2004/9/2 22:34
There's always a new foe after every victory! And the opponents are always bigger and stronger!!!
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i know which show 2004/9/10 22:49
moero attack... it sure brings my childhood memory back. i was also looking for the infomation about its DVD/VHS, but couldn't find any. It was a aired in Malaysia during the 80's..
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I know where to buy this show 2004/9/11 01:49
If you could understand chinese, please go to the following web-site, and under the Drama-Japanese drama, you will find this drama.
www.tigercool.com. I also know other web site that carries this drama.
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please provide.. 2004/9/14 04:24
Hi Mary,

Please provide more websites regarding this TV show!

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One more Website for for this drama 2004/9/14 06:46
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I forgot to give u this site 2004/9/14 08:48
One more site for this drama:
I have bought from all of the three sites I gave to u, and they were very good. I believe this site has English. Good luck!
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Many Thanks! 2004/9/22 08:50
Many Thanks to Mary and others who have provided info regarding this great 70s TV show!
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70's volleyball drama show 2004/11/14 13:59
Moero Attack (Burning Up Attack). It is created by that dude who did the Masked Rider (excluding Agito-Blade), Zubat, Kikaider, Goranger, JAKQ, and Powatrine.
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Hit in Thailand too 2004/12/13 14:23
At that time(1975-80) it was a big hit in Thailand too. I watched her interview with CCTV4 yesterday. Unfortunately, couldn't listen to chinese but the show is very good and she were crying during the interviewed.
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Who interviewed ? 2004/12/15 09:02
You mean Yumiko Araki interviewed by CCTV4 ?
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DVD or VCD in Cantonese? 2004/12/29 03:51
does any one know where I can purchase either a DVD or VCD of this show in Cantonese?
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more info needed 2005/8/11 02:14
I would like to bring this topic back because up until this point, I am still having problems locating this 70's classic on VHS or DVD. I have tried the sites provided by Mary listed above and I still couldn't find anything. If any of you know anything further about this show. Please post a reply.
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Yumiko Araki 2005/10/1 19:24
Hello, simon, can you read and speak Chinese? If so, you can download the show on some Chinese BT websites. You should search the Chinese name. And here is the address of the interview with Yumiko by CCTV 4.
If you have further question,I'm willing to answer you.
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Cantonese 2005/10/2 04:23
Hi Robben, thank you for sending me the link to watch the interview. Just being able to watch the original clips of the show and hearing the theme song again really touch my heart. And Yumiko still looks great! Regarding whether I can read on write Chinese, yes I can do both. However, I only speak Cantonese since I was from Hong Kong. And the show was aired in the late 70's or early 80's on TVB station. Most of the stuff I find on the website are dubbed in Mandarin which I do not speak. Maybe you can help me if you could find anything about this show dubbed in Cantonese. Many Thanks!!
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The Interview 2005/10/4 11:06
It seems quite difficult to find the show in Cantonese, I'm from mainland, and I'm very surprised to see the show is also very popular in Hong Kong. Simon, you can just download the interview from the link which I gave you or search on the "VeryCD" websites. If you can't, you can leave your MSN, I will give you the show, but all of them are in Mandarin, so if it's possible, I think you had better learn some Mandarin. ^-^ Simon, I am very happy to meet a friend who love this show very much!
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