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Accessing EZweb/Vodafone/i-mode content? 2011/11/9 03:30
To preface, I know next to nothing about the above services. I tried doing some searches, which mostly left me even more confused than when I started out.

Anywho, I bought a magazine recently that offered a password and QR code for some exclusive content that I want in a bad way. Problem being, when I try to scan the code with my phone, it won't connect to the website, and I can't connect to it from Firefox on my PC, either. When I do a google search for the site the code gave me, the summary tag says, ''Access this site with your phone's i-mode, vonafone, or EZweb software'' (モード、Vodafone-live、EZweb対応携帯電話からアクセスしてね), whiiich I do not have.

Question: Is there any way I can access this content without the above software, or is there anything I can download onto my PC or iPhone that will allow me access so I can punch in this code? The website in question is, by the way.
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Re: Accessing EZweb/Vodafone/i-mode content? 2011/11/9 09:32
How old is that magazine? Vodafone sold their business to Softbank nearly 5 years ago, so most likely the website that you are looking for is no longer available on the web.
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Re: Accessing EZweb/Vodafone/i-mode content? 2011/11/9 09:49
Oh, it's brand-spanking new. The issue was just published about two weeks ago, and the promos are redeemable until just before New Year's.
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Re: Accessing EZweb/Vodafone/i-mode content? 2011/11/9 10:36
I see. Actually it seems that Vodafone Live still exists, although I think its been rebranded into a Yahoo portal on Softbank phones.

Anyway, dased on the error message it looks like it might be exclusive content to the proprietary Japanese media portals. As far as I can tell, these aren't supported by iphones on either Softbank or au.
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