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I'm a foodie visiting Kyoto 1st time 2011/11/9 13:45
Will be in Kyoto last week of November for 4 nights. Read somewhere food is good there. Could someone please tell me which are the good restaurants with approx prices if it is going to be expensive + location and tel no. (in case have to book). Love all Japanese foods. Have car in case restaurant is in outskirts.
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Re: I'm a foodie visiting Kyoto 1st time 2011/11/9 15:28
There are too many and you will enjoy no matter which you pick.

See the link below. It's Englich site. so hope it'll help:

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Re: I'm a foodie visiting Kyoto 1st time 2011/11/9 17:04
yes, you cant go wrong in pontocho alley. The Hyatt regency has a very nice japanese restaurant (probably less than 10000 JPY per head, we were paying around 25000 JPY for 4), we had a brilliant kaseiki (sp?) meal at the Prince hotel at Otsu, about a 10 minute train ride from Kyoto station (then a 10 min taxi ride from Otsu station), lovely restaurant unfortunately the menus were in japanese and I didnt know the cost until I paid (12000 JPY per person. I'd stay in a ryokan though, you cant get much better than the food there.
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... 2011/11/9 19:02
Not sure what your budget is but I'd probably do a search on the chowhound forums, or post a thread.

Also Robb Satterwhite's site bento.com has a good list of restaurants including a google map.



If you are on a moderate budget then a lot of the high-end/Michelin star places have set priced lunches which tend to be cheaper than dinner.

Enjoy your food!

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TAKOYAKI is a must! 2011/11/26 22:10
Stroll in the down town called Shin-Kyo-goku
and Teramachi, between San-joe and Shi-joe.
You will find many youngs tastings some BALLs called TAKOYAKI.

That is a must.
cost 600-800yen.
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Re: I'm a foodie visiting Kyoto 1st time 2011/11/27 08:42
You can have Kaiseki anywhere. For a little different experience, you should try Shojin-Ryori, the monk's vegetarian food, delicious & you wouldn't guess all made of vegetables, no fish or meat, about 5,000yen & up. On a low budget side, Kyoto ryori is known for cooked vegetable dishes~800yen.
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Re: I'm a foodie visiting Kyoto 1st time 2011/11/27 23:36
You should definitely try shojin-ryori (Buddhist vegetarian temple cuisine) at least once. My favorite places are Izusen (for food, although the setting is a bit sparse) and Shigetsu (fantastic setting, good food). Both start at around Y3000, and are lunchtime only.

For kaiseki, Roan Kikunoi does a very nice lunch menu starting at around Y4000. You can spend a lot more if you want though at other places. Some of the top-level places have cheaper and more accessible branches in the Kyoto station restaurant complex, for example Wakuden and Ugestsu Chaya.

Also worth checking out are restaurants that specialize in tofu, Kyoto vegetables, and obanzai-ryori (Kyoto home-style regional cuisine). Here are some places worth looking at: http://www.bento.com/kansai/kc-kyoryori.html

Kyoto Ramen Alley (in Kyoto station) is also a fun place to check out. And if you're interested in sake, check out Yoramu, run by a friendly foreign guy named Yoram who will introduce you to some interesting brews.
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