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Japanese food at reasonable price 2011/11/10 02:13
Any recommendations for Japanese food at affordable prices?
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Re: Japanese food at reasonable price 2011/11/10 06:47
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Re: Japanese food at affordable price 2011/11/10 14:37
What do you mean by affordable? The cheapest? Maybe not.

But one of the cheapest are cup-needles. Somewhere around 150 yen or lower. If you go to a supermarket, you find some brands at 80 yen as you have to prepare for hot water for yourself.

If you mean 'fairly well discounted price for foods', yet you want to go to a supermarket in the evening. Some fresh foods are repriced with like 20 to 40% discuout before they close. Assorted sushi set for one person goes down to like 400 yen from 700 yen. (I guess 700 is already low enough, anyway) So recommendation is you go to a supermarket in the evening and find a good deal. Note that all-hours shops don't do that.

Other choices are, you go to Yoshinoya or the likes for beef bowl, any standing noodle shops at the railroad stations for soba/udon noodles and/or Gusto (or the likes) for lunch specialities for affordable prices.

Even MAC offers some Japan-only menues if you count on MAC for your choice.
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Re: Japanese food at reasonable price 2011/11/10 14:45
Hi, I just want to let you know that as a recent visitor of Japan back in May, regardless of the exchange rate, food in Japan for the price is quite reasonable. I was able to get a decent meal at a convenient store and at a regular restaurant for around 500 yen or less. This is because there is intense competition amongst other restaurants in the area. If you just want a decent meal in Japan, expect less than 1000 yen unless of course you want to splurge. Even when I was dining at a regular sushi restaurant, with a drink, I didn't exceed 3000 Yen. I hope this helps.
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