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Best Reggae/U.ground HipHop in Tokyo ATM? 2011/11/10 16:16
I'm visiting Tokyo next week, Thurs-Tues, and would like to know where to go to hear some great Reggae and/or Hip-Hop music (Club or Bar-scene). Could be Japanese-influenced or international!
I would appreciate any advice :)
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Re: Best Reggae/U.ground HipHop in Tokyo ATM? 2011/11/16 22:34
Hi friend just go to Roppongi and you'll see hip hop/ R&B and reggae clubs are plentiful.

To me they haven't changed much and I haven't been there in about 4 years, but before that I had a few trips to Roppongi. Trust me the scene was live, and rivals that of any major U.S. city without the violence that sometimes undesirables bring out with them at night.

Head to Roppongi and you'll find out where to go from there. I know there are many other places and someeone else may step up and give you more specifics.

P.S. also be careful of going there before 11pm at night, many of the clubs don't begin to get crowded until 11 or midnight. (so don't be the out of towner siting in the club with the d.j. just watching the lights and wondering where everyone is. They'll come just go there and late not early.
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