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lotus roots 2011/11/13 04:34
Can someone tell me how to freeze/store lotus roots? I usually buy the already frozen and sliced kind but they are the size of a quarter so I started buying the raw uncut kind because they are bigger. I just don't know how to keep them from going bad. I usually buy the smaller potato sized "roots" since I'm the only one that eats them here and I don't want to waste the food.

Also any fun and quick recipes using them would be nice.
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Re: lotus roots 2011/11/14 15:03
?...just put them in the freezer. Leave them out all day at room temperature and slice it when defrosted. They taste great just sliced and roasted in an oven with rock salt and olive oil...not particularly Japanese but taste good.
After they have defrosted try and eat within 4 or 5 days of keeping them in the fridge.
You can also deep-fry them like chips...but you need oil and it is a bit of a hassle/dangerous.
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renkon 2011/11/14 15:48

As for recipes, lotus roots go very good with oil and soy sauce. My favorite is to slice them in any size you want, stir fry them with dried chopped hot chili and sprinkle soy sauce just before it's done. You can enjoy the crispy-ness.

You can also shred them as you would daikon-oroshi and make dumplings. It would work better if you mix starch such as katakuriko. You can enjoy the starchy-ness.

The traditional way to store them is to wash and slice while fresh, and keep them dipped in water with a pinch of vinegar in it. You can keep this in the fridge for about a week.

Lotus roots are supposed to be good for your health, especially for your throat.
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