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Finding a missing person 2011/11/13 21:56
I am wondering about the missing person procedure in Japan.
The (Japanese) brother of a good friend has gone missing after an argument with household members. He left in a car without his wallet a week ago and hasn't been seen since.
His wife has been to the police and they say they can't try to locate his phone without a court order. "Privacy" - people have the right to disappear.... He didn't have his wallet so unless he had a secret account, he hasn't had access to money.

Is it true that court orders are required? It seems an overly relaxed attitude to someone missing very uncharacteristically...

Would really appreciate information about procedures.
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Re: Finding a missing person 2011/11/14 18:25

I'm no lawyer or police expert, but unless there are suspicious circumstances surrounding the disappearance - such as blood stains or a suicide note - I can't imagine the police being at all interested. I suppose his family could hire a private detective to try and track him down if they are concerned about his well-being.
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Re: Finding a missing person 2011/11/14 18:58

I have to say that sounds reasonable for someone who is old enough to marry, has had an argument, has left in an automobile with a roof and has not been answering calls.

He would have dozens of ways to survive for a week and he has every right to maintain his privacy. He can count on other people or he can work.

The wife can try to file that court order. She can also get free advise from city halls and such.

But I know people who have made phone calls until they found out a family member's whereabouts without having to contact that member, or have even visited morgues until a family member came home one day, or had been receiving Christmas cards each year from a missing husband until a mutual friend accidentally met the person on a train.

And actually, although the police "station" may not be interested, officers at your local koban booth are often very friendly and cooperative and will talk to you to make you feel better (at least they have been so to me in various aspects of my losses).

I hope he comes back soon. Meanwhile, maybe you can keep your friend company.
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Re: Finding a missing person 2011/11/16 21:15
Thank you for your comments.
There is still no news, and as the days pass suicide probably is less likely, and so too, probably is foul play of some description. Disappearing with volition is hard to understand as he had children, a job, no lover, no debts - at least as far as anyone knows. Friends, colleagues and family appear equally baffled.

You are right though that he does have a car - though perhaps no money for petrol. Am trying to be as supportive as possible.

Thank you again.
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Re: Finding a missing person 2011/12/5 07:46
He has turned up.
Unfortunately dead.
It seems that even if the police had been more helpful it wouldn't have saved his life. Such a waste.
I still don't know much about the procedures for a missing person... it won't change anything for this situation though.
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Re: Finding a missing person 2011/12/5 22:05
I really don't know what to say. I hope tomorrow will be a better day.

As for procedures, anyone can go to a koban to ask for details. You can also do an internet search on the keyword 行方不明者 to learn about private detectives or NPOs. I'm sorry I can't provide specific procedures as I am no expert, but these are ways you can find out if necessary.

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Re: Finding a missing person 2011/12/6 04:16
Oh! I am sorry to hear about this. My thoughts are with you and his family.
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Re: Finding a missing person 2011/12/6 09:49
Thanks for your thoughts.
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