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Meiji and other pre-WW2 buildings in Tokyo 2011/11/16 18:36
This winter I want to do some good old exploring in Tokyo. All exploration needs a goal, so I decided I want to find and photograph pre world war 2 buildings that have survived (or were rebuilt) in Tokyo. My interest goes out to buildings dating from the Meiji era (which have a strong western inspiration). I know that a lot of examples can be found around Tokyo Station area, but I would like to know if there are any other places where I can find good examples.

Also I am interested in finding area's in Tokyo that have not been bombed during WW2, of have survived earthquakes and fires over the centuries. Basically anything Pre-WW2 is welcome.

If anyone has tips, or interesting websites, I would appreciate it.
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Re: Meiji and other pre-WW2 buildings in Tokyo 2011/11/17 11:15
A few thoughts

Isetan in Shinjuku,
Wako in Ginza,
Kyu Furukawa Teien in near Komagome.
Yanaka area,
Nezu Jinja,
Kyu Iwasaki Teien in Ueno
Nikolai church in Ochanomizu
Parts of the Nat. Museum in Ueno are pre WWII
Hatoyama Kaikan in Edogawabashi

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Re: Meiji and other pre-WW2 buildings in Tokyo 2011/11/17 12:12

Take a quick commuter train ride to Yokohama City, because that's what Yokohama is all about.
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Re: Meiji and other pre-WW2 buildings in Tokyo 2011/11/18 22:56
@ girltokyo, thanks for that list, I will look into those names.

@ Uco, Ah yes, I might also make a day trip to Yokohama, it's been two years since I went there. I do remember the red brick building. But my interest goes out to Tokyo because it will make for a more interesting project. Tokyo doesn't have the fame for old buildings so finding them here will be more rewarding. But thanks for the tip!
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Re: Meiji and other pre-WW2 buildings in Tokyo 2011/11/19 00:58
Oh, I see.

Have you thought about exploring old schools? Many private schools and universities are more than 100 years old.

If you happened to be also interested in mansions, search the keyword m or if your pre-war interests go for Japanese style architecture as well, search Ö In fact, there are a lot of old houses scattered throughout Tokyo even in the middle of unknown neighborhoods.

But if you're only interested in office type buildings with many floors, you have to face the fact that they practically existed only within one part of the Yamanote loop Line area, as the outskirts were the countryside back then.

Yet universities are usually founded in the middle of nowhere, and they are indeed often founded by Westerners or those who came back from the West.

Have you visited all the Doujunkai Apaato? Wikipedia leads you to even more details on old buildings.

As for areas that survived fire and quakes, the Kiba area survived the Tokyo Dai Kushu. I'm not sure how much of it still exists, but the Kiyosumni-teien station area is pretty old. Why not ask their ward office or the Fukagawa Edo Museum for more details.

As you may have noticed, Tokyo has rebuilt almost everything, so it's really fun to explore the few that have been preserved.
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