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Kit kat in Tokyo? 2011/11/22 18:16
I am currently in Japan for the past 10 days and not once have I seen green tea kit kat for sale besides the rectangular flat boxes that have sample sized pieces (which are quite expensive). Where in Tokyo can I buy "normal" sized... I'm looking to buy a box of it.
by Ryan (guest)  

Re: Kit Kat in Tokyo? 2011/11/23 08:48
There is a store in the Yaesu Mall at Tokyo station that has many different Kit Kats, but I am unable to say exactly where it is located.

As to the size, when you say a flat rectagular box, that sounds like the standard pack size containing two individually wrapped two-finger bars. The "sample" size usually come in bags with 13 or 14 mini packs inside. These you can usually find in discount candy stores in shopping malls or in supermakets and grocery stores. The only large boxes I can think of are just boxes containing 10 standard size packs.
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Re: Kit kat in Tokyo? 2011/11/23 10:47

The various Kit Kat flavours are seasonal and only sold for about a month or so at a time, and I don't think the regular size has been available in green tea flavour for quite some time now. If you want unusual flavours, Tokyu Hands and souvenir shops (also at Narita Airport) usually have a fairly large range of the regional varieties, but these are the large boxes containing mini Kit Kats, which you say you don't want.
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Re: Kit kat in Tokyo? 2011/11/23 10:49
In Tokyo Station, try Shokoku Gotochi. I can't remember if it is on First Avenue (where the Ramen Street is located) or on the next aisle parallel to it. It has a bunch of omiyage, including several flavors of Kit Kat's.

But I bought a bunch of Kit Kat's for much less money at Nikinokashi. It is a block from Okachimachi station (on the south end of Ameyoko).



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Re: Kit kat in Tokyo? 2011/11/23 12:55
I got mine at Ueno Ameyoko Market!

They had all the flavours when I went and it was much much much more cheaper than all the places I have seen it at!

There is this shop where they sell chocolates and sweets, have a little tentage outside the shop too and its Kit Kat everywhere.

I got the strawberry cheesecake, greentea and wasabi.. All in regular boxes (4 fingers type) and also got the assorted packs!
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Re: Kit kat in Tokyo? 2011/11/24 08:23
According to my understanding, the regular Kit Kat package in Japan was recently changed from the two medium sized bars to three small sized bars. I assume the reason is to give the consumer the opportunity to eat less in one session. Many people in Japan like their portions to be small.
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Re: Kit kat in Tokyo? 2011/11/26 17:07
I never realised that there were about 50 different flavours of Kit Kat in Japan!

Including: Ramune, Cucumber, Beetroot, Citrus/Pepper, Chilli etc.
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