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Diet supplements 2011/11/24 21:42
Can anyone suggest a great diet patch,pill or supplement.
I have done research on the patch. I would perfer that.. it takes me for ever to take a pill down.
And where can you get in Tokyo or order in Japan.
International shipping price is ridiculously expensive.

by PNT (guest)  

Re: Diet supplements 2011/11/25 10:41
Try Rakuten

More importantly:

Safety and Effectiveness

There have been no known side effects of using diet patches, except for the possibility of rash at the patch location on the skin. However, it is important to keep in mind that there are no governing agencies monitoring diet patches. This raises questions to be asked regarding the quality of the product, the claims made about the product and its overall safety. Most patches have not shown any significant amount of weight loss among its users. In addition, information inserts often include a statement regarding the necessity to follow a healthy diet and engage in moderate exercise for total effectiveness. With costs averaging between $18.00 and $30.00 for a month's supply, it is wise to find a more effective way to lose weight that includes permanent lifestyle changes. Joining a well-known weight loss program like Weight Watchers, or seeking the advice of a trained nutritionist are valuable alternatives.
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