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Big Feet & Ryokan 2011/11/27 16:09
My husband and I will be staying in several ryokan during our trip to Japan next month and I am wondering if he needs to bring a pair of slippers... he has size 16 feet, so it seems unlikely that any that would be provided would even come close to fitting... It is hard enough to find any that fit him even here in the US, but we're trying to pack as light as possible (carry on only) and shoes of any sort take up a fair amount of space in a bag. Is going in socks acceptable? Will he be able to fake it with too small slippers?
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Re: Big Feet & Ryokan 2011/11/28 17:04
I have only size 27cm shoes, and regular slippers at ryokans are already too small for me, although quite many ryokan also provide extra big slippers (which might still be too small for people with especially large feet).

In any case, it is okay to just wear socks instead of slippers (bare foot can be okay sometimes but can be slightly improper at other occasions). Also, bringing your own slippers would also be fine.
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Re: Big Feet & Ryokan 2011/11/29 01:30
By all means bring clean slippers and extra socks. The floor will be unheated, very cold & he would feel in his feet until he gets on tatami mats.
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Re: Big Feet & Ryokan 2011/11/29 13:19
yeah, socks are the go. I hate ryokan slippers, they are always too small for me (oz size 10ish) and they are uncomfortable anyway, I try to sneak around in bare feet when I can (when no-one else is about) but it clearly isnt the done thing, so go socks.
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