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where to eat good beef 2011/11/27 18:04
where can i eat good quality kobe or yonezawa or matzuma beef? is it cheaper in kyoto, kobe or tokyo since i will be in these 3 places? any places to recommend? my budget per person is 5000 yen and below.
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Re: where to eat good beef 2011/11/29 13:28
If you are talking about such beef for dinner at a nice cozy restaurant, 5,000 is not enough. I would pay 10,000-20,000 per person without beer/wine at least when I go for such beef. Matsuzaka may be more..

If it's for lunch, there would be a possibiity for 5,000 but rare, almost impossible to find for travelars.

But good beef, I mean wagyu is not only matsuzaka/kobe or yonezawa. You will find some good beef somewhere. Whole bunch of those like hiroshima, miyazaki, sendai, ohmi, hida, saga, etc are also good enough. A-5 is the best rank of wagyu no matter where it is from. Check it out when you have steaks here.

Yet I would say lunch ocassion has more chances to encounter them for your budget.

Other option are gyu-don, teppan-yaki or suki-yaki choices. Some restaurants offer good wagyu with them.

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Re: where to eat good beef 2011/11/29 13:47
I had mine in Kobe.

It is 5 mins walk away from Sannomiya Station. You can obtain the guide from the visitor's centre, the restaurant is listed there.

A-1 Kobe Beef

A beef steak (200g) + salad + accompanied with onions, greens and garlic. 5400 yen.

It was awesome! The beef is so fresh and it simply 'melts' in your mouth.

We ordered the garlic fried rice for the side and it was really good.

This restaurant was recommended to me on this forum as well. Oh, they open from 5pm. The restaurant is very very small, less than 20 seaters. The crowd comes in from 6pm.
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Re: where to eat good beef 2011/12/1 05:16
I enjoyed Satou (03-3541-2929 4-2-9 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku near Tsukiji/Tsukiji-shijo) in Tokyo, a few years ago you could have a lunch for less than Y5000 of Matsuzaka beef. (They also had cheaper lunches with less fancy beef.) The current menu is not clear about where exactly the beef at lunch is from.

and (with a menu in Japanese)
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