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otaku people are looking pretty? 2011/11/29 16:41
now there are many otaku people who has costume playing on the events in the world,

but how they think about japan?

they want to learn japanese, and the history and traditional cultures of japan,
and even economic and social issues of actual japan?

or, only as the unusual world of fantasy for them?
by kintakun  

Re: otaku people are looking pretty? 2011/11/30 23:31
Otaku People looking pretty? whats that for a Question? oO...Everybody look different..Its your own View, who you see as a pretty Women/Men

I think its different...
I just can speak for me...i came from Germany and i like Japan...Language,Music,Culture,Anime...
but i know the real World...i dont want marriage a Anime Character ^^``
Ok it gives Otakus they live in a Fantasy World and they dont know the real World..but i think the real Otakus live in Japan.

gomen ne when my english is not so perfect -.- uh
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Re: otaku people are looking pretty? 2011/12/1 01:07
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think kintakun is asking whether those who identify as otaku worldwide are genuine in their desire to learn about/live in Japan, or whether they're just acting out a fantasy.

From my point of view, it's more the latter.

Generally, I find a majority of otaku care little for traditional Japanese culture (shodo, ikebana, theatre, tea ceremony, budo, etc.), and more for the modern pop culture that is more accessible.

I went to a meeting of my university's anime club earlier this year, and while they had described it as for Japanese culture in general, all I found there were people interested solely in anime & manga. Suffice to say, I left shortly after I realized that this was the case, and I never returned. Their main goal at that time was to raise money to go to the regional anime convention, and outside of that, they didn't do a whole lot besides watch anime on the data projector in one of the classrooms.

Now, that is not to say all self-identified otaku have single-track minds, but it is a common theme in my experience.

I hope this helps answer your question, kintakun!
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Re: otaku people are looking pretty? 2011/12/2 04:28
otaku's are like hipsters.

very little substance and all about portraying an image.
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