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Ideas for gifts for my Japanese family 2011/12/1 09:12
I, with my husband and 2 teenage sons will be visiting Japan for two weeks next month for the first time. During that time we will see my mother's (who is deceased) siblings, their adult children and the grandchildren, however we are staying in a hotel. I speak very little Japanese, I left the country when I was 4.

I would like to bring gifts for everyone. For my aunts and uncle I would like to bring something special. I have not seen them in over 20 years. Any suggestions, US brands favored by Japanese? Food gifts do not feel adequate for these aunts and uncle. I would like to spend under $75 for each gift.
Also, one of my cousins and her husband are helping quite a bit with the arrangements. They are in their 40's and their son is 11. Any advice for their gift?
There will be 7 grandchildren, all young teenagers. What US products do Japanese youth like?
I have 5 cousins, male and female in their 40's and 50's. Any ideas for their gift? Would food be ok for them? Chocolate? I live in Boston. Any local products they might like?

Thank you all for any assistance.
by Martha V  

Re: Ideas for gifts for my Japanese family 2011/12/2 20:55
Martha V,

How about valuable accessories or stationary for your aunts and uncle? American designers' brands, traditional craftwork or museum goods from MOMA of MFA are typical gifts, I suppose. A department store may be able to assist you.

Children's favorites are universal. It's probably best to ask your own teenagers Mine always prefers food, by the way. Chocolates and Harvard, MIT or Red Sox goods would be great, even if they don't play baseball.

Airports often have the best variety of gifts. I'm not sure about customs regulations, but seafood and alcohol would be ideal.

As a 40s-ish housewife, I often find foreign packed organic foods and packed instant foods fascinating, because they are different depending on the country.

Here is a Google search result on the keyword "Boston miyage." You can click each website to see photos of products and stores that might be familiar to you.
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Re: Ideas for gifts for my Japanese family 2011/12/4 01:49
I brought "See's Chocolate" for my GF's mother and sister, they loved it...
A few bags of trick or treat candy bars (Japanese love wraped snacks).. Boston gear is nice too.. Bring lots of pictures, and have fun!!
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