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Help with finding Jpop concerts 2011/12/2 13:45
Hi everyone,

I was wondering if anyone could help me with finding out about live jpop concerts in Japan around January and early Feb.

I'm after the Johnnys types (so not the girlbands). Kpop would be fine too.

Basically I'm interested in seeing if any bands are playing in these dates/places:

Jan 5 - 12: Tokyo (or near)
Jan 23 - 26: Osaka
Jan 28 - 30: Tokyo
Feb 1 - 8: Sapporo (or near)
Feb 9 - 10: Tokyo

If it's too much hassle to look up, could anyone give me a website (pref in english) that would have some dates or info?

Thanks for your help
by kaleidome (guest)  

Re: Help with finding Jpop concerts 2011/12/2 23:57
If you are a jonnhy's fan, you should join the International (as in "in English") mailing list. It's been out for over a year in English now. Here's where you can sign up https://g.ab0.jp/johnnys-international/1100_p.php/7Hvz8A

Here's a website where you can buy Johnny's tickets in English:


Not sure about non-Jonny's things but I know a little about Indies stuff.
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