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Calligraphy at Temples and Shrines 2011/12/3 13:22
What is the correct name for the calligraphy that you can get at temples and shrines?

What is the correct way to ask for it to be done? Are there any rules or etiquette that I may be unintentionally breaking by asking?

Thanks in anticipation
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Re: Calligraphy at Temples and Shrines 2011/12/4 19:00
It's the goShuin(means red stamp).
It's great souvenir in Japan.
I'm collecting.

First, you should buy a goShuinCho(goShuin book) in a temple or a shrine.
By the way, some temples that relate to the Imperial Household or the Tokugawa shogunate, deal in the goShuinChos with a special emblem.

And you show your goShuinCho(open white page), and say ''goShuin oNegai shimasu'' with a slight bow.
(Perhaps, they advise you ''You don't have wait, leave it here and enter the temple.'')
You get your goShuinCho, you pay 300yen with a slight bow.
(BTW, only the Karasumori shrine's goShuin is 500 yen!! in Shinbashi, Tokyo)

If you keep collecting, you can have 2 goShuinCho, one is for the temples and other is for shrines.
BTW, We(I and my girlfriend) get the 3rd goShuinCho for collecting the goShuins of the 33 kannnons temple in Tokyo.(the first temple is Senso-ji in Asakusa)

You should remember the goShuin is originally the evidence of one's religious faith, not stamp rally.
In other words, I hope you behave that is not shopping.It's the manners.

Excuse my poor English, take it easy.
Most temples include very small one, support the goShuin.
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Re: Calligraphy at Temples and Shrines 2011/12/4 19:28
Arigato gozaimasu. Your prompt answer is appreciated.

I do have a goShuinCho (go is the honorific prefix I assume?) and I got by by just saying "Onegaishimasu" so I'm glad I was half right!

You're right that it does make a lovely souvenir but I didn't want to seem like I was just randomly collecting as in a "Stamp rally".

Next time I will follow your suggestion and have for shrines and one for temples - seems more respctful.

Thank you once again.

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Re: Calligraphy at Temples and Shrines 2011/12/4 22:50
You are perfect.
Yes, "go" is the honorific prefix.

A goShuin is a souvenir to visit a temple/shrine, the randomly collecting is nomal.

"stamp rally" or "shopping" I want to say,
A goShuin is not for 300 yen.
They never demand money in advance.
You get a goShuin, and thank them.
300 yen is an acknowledgement.
So it's O.K. if you have respect.

Japanese gods don't care about our innocent mistake.Take it easy.
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