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Changing from work visa to spouse visa 2011/12/4 13:19
I want to know if there is any plus to doing this. Right now, my company supports my visa and it isn't due for a renewal for another year. I want to change my katakana name to the correct form (my husband told me it was written wrongly) and the city hall said it was the only way to change my name, if I change my visa status. Also it might be easier to get a credit card and such. But aside from those points does it really help to make life "easier" by changing your visa status?
Thanks in advance!
by nawlinsgurl  

Re: From our experience... 2011/12/4 19:38
Ummm, I don't agree with what the city hall people told you about changing your katakana name to the correct form - you should be able to do that by going to the alien registration section of your city hall, and registering your "also known as..." name there in katakana writing. But be sure to go there with your Japanese husband so that he can write it correctly. My husband once had to get a katakana version of his name (for real estate registration purpose), so went there but the first time he skipped his middle name, and went there again to fix it, it was no problem. It also got noted on the back of the alien registration card.

I don't know how long you've been married, but as the initial spouse visa you get "might" be just for one year, I would not particularly consider applying for one advantageous. My husband changed to spouse visa (from work visa) when his previous employment contract in Japan ended.

Some credit card companies "might" view spouse visa more of a long-term commitment to Japan compared to company-sponsored work visa, but I'm not sure. In our case it has not made any difference, meaning he got one card while he was on his work visa, and more recently got another one after he's been on spouse visa for some time.
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