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Vietnamese antique in Tokyo 2011/12/4 20:53
I want to buy some faux Vietnamese antique pottery in Tokyo. Anyone knows a good store?
by Hans (guest)  

Re: Vietnamese antique in Tokyo 2011/12/6 12:05
I'm not 100% sure, but I'm not sure why you might expect to find Vietnamese antiques in Tokyo.....
by Sandy (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Vietnamese antique in Tokyo 2011/12/8 01:27
I agree with Sandy. The last time I went to Vietnam, they were very strict about not letting people take Vietnamese pottery out of their country, because they had lost too many antiques in the past not knowing its values. They even stopped me from taking home a 15 yen worth plate. I hear things have toned down a bit, but still, Vietnamese antiques are probably hard to get outside Vietnam.
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