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Father of the groom speech, wedding in Japan 2011/12/7 04:37
I have been asked to make a speech at the wedding celebration of my stepson and his Japanese wife in Saga in April. I would appreciate advice,guidance and direction on the formalities I should observe, the sentiments I should express and how long I should speak for. Please help!
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Re: Father of the groom speech, wedding in Japan 2011/12/7 14:56
Do you speak Japanese?

If not, then you might want to write a short letter/speech expressing your feelings towards their marriage with perhaps a funny story mixed in about your kid's childhood.

Have the speech translated and then have it read during the ceremony by the MC or someone your son designates. You can perhaps then finish it off with a very short greeting with a few Japanese lines your son prepares for you.

Speeches are typically 2-5 minutes in my experience and the content can be whatever you wish, just nothing too serious, nothing controversial.

Embarrassing childhood stories can be fun if appropriate.

I would not recommend giving a long speech in English because no one would understand you anyway.
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Congratulations! 2011/12/8 01:20

Typically, the parents of the bride and groom are the people who host the wedding banquette and the father of the groom is considered the main host.

So, typically, the father of the groom is expected to thank the guests for coming to celebrate this occasion and will typically ask the guests to further help the newlyweds who are yet to learn about life.

And typically, this speech is done at the end of the banquette, so you can't get too drunk!

But these are just typical aspects of wedding banquettes in Japan. Any thoughtful father would come up with a sweet little speech that would please everyone. I trust you will too!
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Re: Father of the groom speech, wedding in Japan 2012/1/20 05:02
My advice is to think very carefully about what you want to say. Learn the speech in Japanese this will show you respect your new in laws and their culture and put a lot of effert into doing this for them and the kids. I feel having someone else that isnt you saying the speech when your sitting right there may make it seem that your not grateful for the wedding or that you dont care to do it yourself and can come off as very rude and disrespectful. When coming up with the speech say something good about your son, maybe how he is good at school or that he has done something good with his life but dont talk him up. It may come off as your trying to make out that he is better then he is. If you have spent time with his new wife talk a lot about her and her family. Say how she is very kind and a wonderful girl and how proud and honored you are to have her in your family. Get to know her family a little before hand and also talk about them. Take about how smart and hard working or devoted her father is. Talk more about her father then her mother but also say something kind about her as well but not longer then you talked about the father. Maybe say something like how mindful she was raising her daughter and what a wonderful woman she raised. Make sure to thank them for welcoming your family and their son into their family and that you look forward to a good future for them. When you first come up to say your speech make sure to bow first deep looking at her parents. Thank them and the guest. Say you are and how grateful you are to be here and to see this wedding between your families. Keep to speech moving so learn the speech in Japanese where you can say it in your sleep. Pauses and eh eh will make you come off as maybe a bit dumb or uncaring. The speech should be about 2-5 mins and once you are done make sure to thank them and bow. PLEASE PLEASE make sure to learn the speech correctly and to say it the best way you can. This is very important because unlike in America where normally the in-laws dont normally spend much time together or get very invoid in the new kids wedding life Japanese (mostly the mother) is going to be very invoid. She is going to want to help them and come over to see the if they live in Japan and if you stay in Japan for a while the father will more then likely want to spend time with you talking about their future. That will come later but if you havent meet them until now it is very important you get along well with them because it will effect the way they see your son. If you come off as a rude ass they may have the same view of your son. So please learn up on your Japanese and take intrest in their family and contry. I hope this has helped
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