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nengajou on Iphoto? 2011/12/8 11:44
Has anyone done their nengajou on Mac's IPhoto before?
If so, are the sizes compatible with Japanese ones ? and is it possible to order the postcards without envelopes?
thanks :)
by blossom (guest)  

Re: nengajou on Iphoto? 2011/12/9 02:25
I'm not exactly sure what you're after here...

If you want to create your own nengajou, the best thing is to just buy the blank inkjet nengajou from the post office (or convenience stores etc) and design the card on your mac using a graphics editor or similar and then print 'em out...

Print size settings just need to follow the dimensions of the inkjet hagaki, bearing in mind fuchi nashi(no borders) or not.

Good luck!
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Re: nengajou on Iphoto? 2011/12/9 23:14
thanks Shin Nenkai,
yes, it may sound a bit odd! it's just that I need to print out about 90 nengajou. In the past I have just done some simple designs and printed them out, but I would like this year's ones to be a bit more special , you know including some nice photos etc. It seems to work out cheaper to do it on Iphoto than to do it myself , in order to get a quality finish (I'm not the best at these things) . .. Iphoto has got a nice selection of themes and backgrounds too which are very fitting for New Year's cards.

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Re: nengajou on Iphoto? 2011/12/11 15:57
I just checked iPhoto'11 and they offer 10x15cm flat cards (p/c size) so that should be no problem.
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Re: nengajou on Iphoto? 2011/12/12 22:52
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