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Omiyage rules (kind of) question? 2011/12/17 22:49
So I am an exchange student in Japan right now going to highschool for one year, and I have a crush on this boy... (oh the folly of youth.)

We e-mail each other a lot, and he had told me his old class was going to Disney Land together. Then after me saying, "Tanoshii sou~~" and all that, he said he would get me a gift (omiyage).

I don't want to get all whoopsy-doopsy (is that a word?) over him saying that, (it is now)
so my question is - even though it sounds absurd-

If a Japanese person tells someone they are going somewhere (i.e Disneyland) does that mean they have to get the person they told an omiyage gift, like a custom of some sort? I don't want to assume he's being nice to me out of.... niceties...?

That is all. Thank you!
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Re: Omiyage rules (kind of) question? 2011/12/18 11:45
Sometime we Japanese just say without thinking we really buy gift or not.
So you don't need to take it so seriously.
Sometime we buy small gift, other time we don't. It's depend on their feeling. You don't mind it. If you get gift, just say thank you and ask how was their trip.
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Re: Omiyage rules (kind of) question? 2011/12/18 14:50

I think it's universal for someone to say "Okay, I'll get you a souvenior then." after being envied about the trip. Whether the person has special feelings or not depends on how "big" the souvenior is. Stay tuned...
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