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J-pop singers/groups suggestions? 2011/12/18 20:55
Hello! I am learning Japanese. I want to listen to some nice J-pop or J-rock. I love K-pop, but since I am learning Japanese, I thought it would be good to know some Japanese pop music also. Thanks!
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Re: J-pop singers/groups suggestions? 2011/12/19 14:15
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Re: J-pop singers/groups suggestions? 2011/12/19 17:55
I think I can be of any help to you on the lyrics, if you point your favorite songs.

Shounan no Kaze
The BOOM (pure J-POP)
Angela Aki (quite J-POP)
Monkey Majik (genuine J-POP)
ego-wrappin' (authentic J-POP)
Wakeshima Kanon
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Re: J-pop singers/groups suggestions? 2011/12/19 18:23
Hey how's it going. Well you have come to the right place. There are some great J-Pop & J-Rock groups out there no doubt. It is about all I listen to now days and I hope I can be of some help. First off you are on the right track doing this. When I first starting my Japanese language studies. I had a hard time getting used to how Japanese is supposed to sound like. Language courses are fine but music will help tune you ear and get you used to hearing it all the time.

Not to mention that Japanese in real time is spoken very fast much like English. I found it to be very useful in helping further develop my aural skills not to mention finding some great groups in the process. This list pretty well spreads the gambit. It is by no means a complete list but it should be good for starters. Not all you may like but overall a good selection I think. Well anyways enough with the introduction.


1. High & Mighty Color
2. X-Japan
3. Gazette
4. Danger Gang
5. Dir en Grey
6. UVERworld
7. existtrace
8. Do As Infinity
9. Taia (Gothic Rock)
10. Atashi


1. Hikaru Utada
2. Namie Amuro
3. Koda Kumi
4. SoulHead
5. Lecca
6. Aural Vampire
7. HeartsDales
8. Hime
9. Yuna Ito
10. Ayumi Hamaski
12. Kuroki Meisa
13. Crystal Kay
14. Emi Hinouchi
15. M-Flo
16. Halcali

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Re: J-pop singers/groups suggestions? 2011/12/23 08:49
This is my favorite song at the moment


But, i am sending you this link because this site has lyrics in romaji, kanji and english and its a very good source for reading!

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