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English proficiency test centres in Japan 2011/12/20 00:57
Hi I am tryign to find the location of some English proficiency test centres in Japan.

Specifically in either Gifu Ken, Osaka or Kyoto.

I have contacted various govenment agiencies, but I can not get any firm addresses and test centres.

I have contacted the British consulate in Tokyo, and Osaka, I have contacte the English embassy in Tokyo, I have contacted the UK visa department, I have contacted the UK immigration department but with no sucess.

I have found a list of the English tests that are officially recognised by the UK immigration department as being valid to prove competency in English for a UK Visa that I am trying to obtain, but I can not finf any addresses where these test can be carried out in Japan as all the addresses of the offical test companies / exam boards are all UK based and the test need to be carried out in Japan prior to entering the UK.

Can anyone help with addresses of Officailly recognised English competency test comapny addresses in Japan for a UK immigration visa to show proof of English competency please....

The companies / exam boards offering these offical tests are very varied and traciking down addresses in Japan has proved very difficult so far.

Thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer..


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Re: English proficiency test centres in Japan 2011/12/20 13:58
To my knowledge there's no ''test centre'' exists in Japan, you should contact the authority who carry out the test for the venue.

I've checked about the Cambridge ESOL Examinations, the next one is to be held in March 2012, you have to apply by 19th Jan. 2012 and the certificate shall be issued early June 2012.

The venue is Nakano Sunplaza (a hall in Nakano, Nakank-ku, Tokyo for various events and concerts).


How about contacting them for more info?

If you live far from Kanto area, you can check with other organizations in Japan:;jsessionid=CB1C6D942D057A49689A0C70F668CA42.node02?source=candidateexam&country=JP&qualification=ALL
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Re: English proficiency test centres in Japan 2011/12/20 14:19
This is very helpful.

Thank you So much.

It seems contacting the test organisations is maybe the best way to find out when tests are to be held.

The timing is very important so I will be sure to contact all suitable organisations and chose the one with the most suitable location and date.

You have been very helpful

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Re: English proficiency test centres in Japan 2011/12/20 14:30
I wonder if TOEIC is recognized?

The next test is held on March 18, 2012, and application via post is accepted between the period of Jan. 4 to Feb. 6, with the score card dispatched on April 17, 2012.

I know that this one uses test locations (universities and other "rented" facilities just for the tests), and they choose the exact location depending on where the applicants live. They normally use school and university sites, but the exact location is not known until they close application and know the number of applicants for one exam.
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Re: English proficiency test centres in Japan 2011/12/20 19:41
Thank you..... AK...

Helpful as always....

I will check out the link and also have a look for other exam boards too.

It seems I may have to look at contacting boards and they may inform me of suitable test centres and dates that are suitable

Your assistance is very helpful...

Warm regards.

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