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kerosene in Iida 2011/12/21 19:19
My daughter is teaching in Iida and only has a bicycle and needs kerosene delivered .
Any Ideas?
by carr1234 (guest)  

Re: kerosene in Iida 2011/12/22 21:59
Hi there.

I imagine that she needs it for a heater in her apartment? Kerosene (touyu / ) is sold at gas stations. She can buy a plastic container specifically for kerosene from any homecenter store such as Kahma, Manmos etc and can take it to the gas station to be filled.

If she doesn't have a friend with a car who can help, many gas stations will deliver in the immediate area for a small additional fee but she will normally need to get the container herself in advance. There are also small businesses supplying kerosene directly to your door from small trucks and one of her neighbors could probably advise her about any in the area.

When she buys the container, she should also get a little battery operated pump to transfer the kerosene to her heater container.

Hope this helps!
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Re: kerosene in Iida 2012/1/23 17:53
Besides gas stations, there are normally local shops that sell fuel during the winter. This can be a grocery store, a rice store, housing equipment store, a propane gas seller, etc. that deliver the fuel in a container. If you are a regular customer, they will visit every so often before you run out and give you a fresh supply and take back the empty container. Best if she asks her neighbors or the real estate agent if she cannot find one.
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