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Tattoo artists in Japan? 2011/12/25 10:32
Hey I'm planning on a trip to Japan in mid 2012 and I am looking at getting a traditional Koi fish tattoo to finish a half sleeve.

-Will Japanese tattoo artists still tattoo around my current tattoo?
-Can anyone recommend a tattoo artist so I can start to make a booking?
-Will there be a majoy language barrier with the artist?

Willing to travel anywhere in Japan but around Tokyo will be good considering that is where I am heading first. I have heard of 'Sratchaddiction' and would like to know some additional feedback if possible?

Thanks for any help

Re: Tattoo artists in Japan? 2011/12/26 21:58
In my neighbour there is a Public bath next 2 the H.Q. of wellknown Mafia AizuKotetsuKai. As I see at the bath I can say that there must be tatoo artists in Kyoto too.
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Re: Tattoo artists in Japan? 2011/12/29 06:22
hmmmm.... i doubt if any reputable tattoo / irezumi artist woukd condsider tatto around a current tattoo..... this is not in keeping with the idea ot tattooing irezumi or hori type tattoo....

Put it this way a traditional famuily hori name tattoo master would not consider this I feel

But as tattoos are becoming more fashonable for main stream you may be able to find a studio who can accomdate this....

I think in tokyo you could find somewhere who would, but I am not sure.

I can recommend a tattoo studuio I have has work done before at if this helps you... there skill is very very good, recommended. They can make most styles rthough I have not seen them making irezumi with traditioal needles in a wood block, i belive they alluuse machines when I was there/.

They are called cat claw tattoo and they are in kyoto, maybe besty is to check their website... it take me maybe 20 minutes to walk there from kyoto station.

They are in kyoto sorry not tokyo.

They are usually busy so email them first tehn they ask you to come in , make a colourt painting/ drawing for you, they you go there again and they show you drawing if you like it thet third time you go there they make your tattooo on your skin.

If tokyo id the place you want I am sure you can find on line studios who can make appointment for you.
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Re: Tattoo artists in Japan? 2011/12/29 06:38
please check online, you can fins many in Tokyo or kyoso, as above I can recommend catclaw tattoo.... because appointemts are reasonalble easy to arrange and their work is very good....

if you want a tattoo bu a Hori master.... and you have other tattoos by differeent artist, at Hori master will not work with other peoples work to extend a tattoo ot chest piece or sleve etc.....
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Re: Tattoo artists in Japan? 2012/1/3 16:55
Thanks for the help guys. Will search the internet to find out more about the one in Kyoto. Yes there are several on the internet however I thought I would ask here as well to see if anyone has had any experience or extra advice. I may be better off going to a more local and mainstream artist instead of a dedicated Japanese artist due to my current tattoo.

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