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Humidifier from japan in the USA 2011/12/25 20:39
Hey guys.
I was thinking about buying this humidifier from japan and bring it to the usa.
It's specs are in the website.

eletric consumption(W)
985(when kettle starts up)
305(when humidifying)

However the person in the store says there might be a problem with the difference in voltages.

It's a 100v machine, and US devices are designed for 120.

I read the past threads but they all talked about heat generating devices, such as hair dryers and hair curlers ,and the differences in 60 and 50 hearts.
I didn't see any posts about humidifiers.

A hair curler usually goes above 1500 watts,
but this machine seems to stay around 305watts,
would this be safe?
Especially since it might be running throughout the night (while we sleep)

Would a transformer be recommended?

Thanks everyone!
by exrulez  

Re: Humidifier from japan in the USA 2011/12/26 09:29
Heat-generating devices would be an "immediate" hazard risk, and humidifiers would be long-term risk too. I would definitely use a transformer! The difference between 100V and 110 - 120V is not negligible at all.
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Re: Humidifier from japan in the USA 2011/12/26 16:26
I wouldn't worry about it. There is no future safety risk if it works upon the initial plug in. If not, it could pop & dead. The electronics & safety circuits should be ok as they are powered by low voltage. Even if some safety circuit may be hard wired, no problem with 120V. Only concern is if the heater can take 120V but it should be ok.
I have a 100v Japanese toaster/griller that I brought back 20 years ago to US & still working great on 120V. They last forever.
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