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Call routing errors 2011/12/25 21:04
Hi everyone,

I want to know if someone has experienced this before.

I tried to call a friend in Japan from Australia. I had called other friends without problems before.

This time however, the call was routed to someone else. By luck it was a English speaker as well. But they couldn't hear me.
(I know the can't hear bit is common)

The person who I intended to call says that they did miss the calls, but no one else answered their phone.

Has this happened to anyone else?
I've contacted my on telephone company, they claim it is impossible for a error in routing to occur.

Any insight would be much appreciated.

by AusJohn  

Re: Call routing errors 2011/12/26 16:36
Infrequent but it can happen in US or any other places.
Sometimes I can not hear, the other end can not hear, wrong no. connection, noise in the line, etc., etc.
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