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Omiyage from California 2011/12/27 03:50
I'm visiting Japan for a couple of weeks during the hanami season. While I'm there, I will be visiting some friends. I'd like to bring them omiyage from California. What are some good ideas for Omiyage from California? What things from California would a Nihonjin like? Yoroshiku onegasishimasu.
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Re: Omiyage from California 2011/12/27 11:36
I have taken, i.e. Beef Jerky packages from Costco, See's Chocolate gift wrapped boxes, Roasted Almonds in Can, Napa wine(Three 750 ml bottles allowed w/o duty), etc.
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Re: Omiyage from California 2011/12/27 11:45
Apart from the ideas already provided, wild rice is something you hardly can find here in Japan. If your friend cooks, things like these or instant food pack sort of things would be great, too.
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Re: Omiyage from California 2011/12/30 23:55
I'm an expat Sacramentan living in Yokohama. Whenever I've gone home, I often bring back Blue Diamond almonds, Ghirardelli chocolates, and sometimes Jelly Bellies. For close Japanese friends, I've brought back Napa or Sonoma wines.

If you're from SoCal, maybe some of the local wines from down there (Santa Barbara?) or maybe See's Candies (which they have in NorCal too), especially if your friends live outside Tokyo. They have See's shops in Tokyo and mail order in the rest of Japan, but it's pretty pricy, much more so than back home.

And while it's not CA-specific, I've also sometimes brought back snacks from upscale supermarkets like Trader Joe's or Whole Foods. You have to be careful with regard to fruit, though I will say my parents once shipped me raisins without a problem. I can't guarantee customs at the airport will treat you the same, though...
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