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Indian marrying Japanese girl 2011/12/28 16:00
My son (Indian) wants to marry his Japanese girl friend in Delhi as per Hindu Brahmin customs and register the same in India. Will this be a valid marriage as per Indian Law? Can his wife get Indian citizenship after marriage? Some one please help as the marriage is in March 2012.
by T S A Padmanabhan (guest)  

Re: Indian marrying Japanese girl 2011/12/28 16:41
On the Japan side of things, the couple will need to register their marriage to the proper Japanese authority within 30 days of getting married.

However, you will need to inquire with the Indian authorities for the answers to your other questions.
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Re: Indian marrying Japanese girl 2011/12/30 11:07
"you get a valid marriage certificate from the Marriage Officer/Registrar that you will be requiring for the purpose of PIO card now & for her citizenship purpose later on" just copy and paste the whole passage on google and you'd find the original article from a lawyer in India.

re: your question, presently a foreign spouse can only apply for citizenship after 7 years of marriage (it may change then).

Perhaps, you should check with Brahmin Council too in case your son requires approval in his mixed caste marriage and registration of a subsequent child's birth.
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