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Are there sects in Shinto? 2011/12/29 01:44
If so what are the major ones.
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Re: Are there sects in Shinto? 2011/12/29 17:23
No, there are no sects in traditional Shinto, although shrines can be grouped into various categories. And Wikipedia also lists some "schools".

However, there are lots of "new religions" have evolved over the past centuries, which are based on Shinto. They are introduced here:
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Re: Are there sects in Shinto? 2011/12/29 20:24
If I try hard, I can find a unique one besides the main streem shinto.

They worship GONGEN-sama.
GONGEN is a half budha and half god.

Main streem Shinto shrine worship Mirror.
while some like Tenjin-samaz shrine worship some other thing.
Tenjin-sama and else were normal human-being and died miserable death , and thought that they might be a Super-power holder who may give us curse .
The acient Japanese made them a god to worship to avoid their curse.

And almost all shrine who have mirror , there must be a INARI-Yashiro. In that there are god of fox who are dealing with commerce.

Anyway, every shrine has its unique history.
And visiting them studying the history is a fun of travel around Japan.
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Re: Are there sects in Shinto? 2011/12/30 04:52
There is a very good BBC podcast from the Radio 4 "In Our Time" series about Shinto. A lot of it is spent with the experts explaining what Shinto does NOT have. Its a very enjoyable listen & well worth trying to get hold of.
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Re: Are there sects in Shinto? 2011/12/30 06:10
My grandfather was a Shinto priest. He had people coming to our house for praying and purifying their souls. He had the annual ritual festival with other male & female priests trying to show the "Kami sama" all around us.
Also one of our relatives was a Buddhist priest.
In that BBC podcast re:Shinto, it is a misinformation to say
"The funerals are usually conducted by lay people not priests"
Our family Buddhist priest and a nearby temple priest conducted my grandfather's funeral as for any other funerals in our town.
Another thing not correct is that the cremation didn't start until recently. All my ancestors before my grandparents are buried in ground in our family & relative's cemetery as for any other deceased.
That it did not point out is the view on tattoo. As the body & soul to be pure, any damage to the body, especially intentional is not considered pure. The tattooing is considered damaging to the body and also the mind to do so is not pure in Shinto. Yakuza is the underworld anti-social & crime ridden class and they do so to show their life time commitment to remain so.
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Re: Are there sects in Shinto? 2011/12/30 18:17
It is well known that Shintoism is polytheism. Countless deities are enshrined in Japan. It is said symbolically that there are 8.08 million deities in Japan.
However, there is no sects. I think the reason is as follows.
1.Each deities don't exclude other deities. You can see many small shrine which enshrine different deities in same shrine yard.
2. Shinto has not very logical dogma. So, there have been no religious argument.
3.The government tried to organize shrines after the Meiji Restoration.

As Uji said, some new religions which based on Shinto, for example Tenrikyo and Konkokyo, may be sects. They have own dogma.

Mirror that 36madcooky mentioned is mere object which is called Yorishiro or Goshintai. The deity descend to Yorishiro: mirror, sword, rock, mountain and others.
But they are not deity itself. The reason why it is sacred is that the deity descend to them.
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