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Mandarake 2011/12/30 15:52

I was thinking of visiting Mandarake for my next visit... was wondering if I can sell my extra figurines/trading figures/gashapon (all brand new still sealed but box opened) to Mandarake? I don't know if they will accept since I'm a foreigner... But all my stuffs are 100% authentic & bought from Japan online website...
by tonkatsuinukami  

Re: Mandarake 2011/12/31 16:07
I found this Q&A and an inquiry form for sellers in Mandarake.

I think perhaps they don't prepare a contract for sale with foreigners.
So I called Mandarake in Shibuya and asked that "the foreigners can contract to sell?" in Japanese.

Yes. At the store, you have to show your identification papers.
Yes. If you have a bank account in Japan, you can send to Mandarake.(You must pay the postage.)

But I can't guarantee anything...
I think you had better make an inquiry in advance.
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Re: Mandarake 2011/12/31 17:26
Thank you! I'll try my luck when I go Japan next week~ You have been really helpful! Thks a dozen!
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