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New Year fireworks in Tokyo 2011/12/31 08:59
We wanted to see fireworks for New Year countdown. We're choosing between:

Ikebukuro Sunshine City

Happy Island Countdown at Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise


Which of these would be more festive, nicer fireworks, etc?

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Re: New Year fireworks in Tokyo 2011/12/31 13:01
For later today? Do you have tickets to any of those? I don't know if they are available on the day at all.

I am not aware that Sunshine City will do any fireworks - isn't it more of a party with Japanese comedians/tallk show then counting down together with fire crackers?
Hakkeijima Sea Paradise seems to be also a party with comedians/talk show, with the aquarium open all night long, but yes with fireworks. Same-day tickets available at the Sea Paradise from 15:00.
Disneyland (reduced in scale this year, though) would be more festive, but it's not that you can just drop in on the day....

Sorry for the uncertain information, I hope someone else can follow up with more detailed info.

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Re: New Year fireworks in Tokyo 2011/12/31 21:11
Thank you! We'll probably just climb Takao san then...
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