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Bar/Club night out and Love Hotel 2011/12/31 14:44
Hi There

I was wondering if anyone may be able to help me with this.

I'll be going to Japan from January 13 to 20 to see my girl in Osaka, and I'd like to head out for a night to go clubbing, drinking then finish off at a Love Hotel.

We'll be staying near Umeda, so ideally I'm looking for a club/pub area that is near to some Love Hotels, preferably some "interesting" ones (by that I mean ones with spas or interesting decor or things to have "fun" on.

Any advice would be really helpful, thanks!

PS: I've looked online, but very difficult to find when I'm searching in English...
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Re: Bar/Club night out and Love Hotel 2012/1/2 06:41
when are you planning on going?

if you go on a friday or saturday night it may be difficult to find an open room anywhere unless you wait until around 4 or 5AM before trying to get in.

weeknights will usually be fine.

around umeda there are lots of hotels, tennoji as well.

here are a few around umeda:

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Re: Bar/Club night out and Love Hotel 2012/1/4 17:56
clubs around Osaka sutation are all located on the east side .
Eastern than the Hankyu railway station.

And the LoveHotelz are also located on Eastern side.

You can let her use yahoo map .

But anyway the big thing is U cannot make reservation on them.

If Im a"cha position, I reserve the 東横イン梅田中津06-6376-1045
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