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Shopping in Akita city? 2012/1/3 06:43
Hey guys, I know there probably won't be very many people who know alot about Akita city due to it being a smaller city, but here goes:
I was wondering what kind of shopping options I would have in this area? Anybody have an idea? I am mainly wanting to buy an electronic dictionary for translating purposes, and ,aybe even buy some tradtional goods. Heck, even some modern trinkets and neat things I could give to family members. Any ideas would be great!
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Re: Shopping in Akita city? 2012/1/3 10:55
When I lived in Akita, me and my friends always went to the Aeon Mall for our shopping. Lots of good stores and that's also where I got my electronic dictionary.
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Re: Shopping in Akita city? 2012/1/4 09:55
For souvenirs the railway building has some really good places for souvenirs. It also has a foreign food shop.
Aeon cancers - which gut the town centres as they move to the suburbs - will have lots of things.
yamada denki / ks denki etc should have reasonable electronic dictionary selections, though with smart phones they are not as popular as they used to be - there are translating applications, and kanji look up applications that make them basically redundant.
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Re: Shopping in Akita city? 2012/1/5 06:52
Thanks guys! You have been an awesome help! Also, did you have any difficulty picking out an electronic dictionary? I have heard that they can get high as 1000 dollars, which is much higher than the 200 dollar budget I'm wanting to use.
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Re: Shopping in Akita city? 2012/1/5 17:32
Hmmm, if I remember correctly (it's been over 2 years since I bought it) I think the price was between $250-$300. There's a whole range of prices on all the different models depending on how fancy or simple of a dictionary you want. Mine is a Sharp Papyrus and it does a pretty good job. I don't know how expensive they are nowadays, especially considering that so many people just use their smartphones as dictionaries.
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Re: Shopping in Akita city? 2012/1/7 10:19
Thanks! Hopefully because of smartphones, they will be a little cheaper, haha. I was hoping on getting one where you can outline the kanji, and it tells you what the kanji is on a sketch pad. Kanji is the one thing I'm having trouble on
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