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price of pre-paid phones 2012/1/6 14:52
I'm just curious about the price of pre-paid handsets in Japan.

I'm interested in the Aquos style handset from soft bank so if anyone bought one I would love to know the price.

But anyone who has bought a prepaid in japan can help me. I just want a general idea of the price.

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Re: price of pre-paid phones 2012/1/7 15:12
I just bought a Softbank prepaid phone, model 740SC, in December of 2011.

I paid a total of 6234 Yen. The handset itself cost 2079 Yen, the charger cost 1155 Yen and I bought the 3000 Yen prepaid credit.

One bit of advice if you are buying a prepaid phone while visiting Japan on the temporary (aka tourist) visa. If one store won't sell you the phone just keep trying. I had to visit 3 stores in Naha, Okinawa before I found one that would sell me the phone with only my passport and the address of the hotel where I was staying.
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Re: price of pre-paid phones 2012/1/8 00:28
I'm actually going to be studying abroad so I think I will have a student visa.

I also have residence in a student dormitory.

so will it be easier for me?
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Re: price of pre-paid phones 2012/1/8 00:31
could you also tell me how the unlimited text for 300 yen works?

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Re: price of pre-paid phones 2012/1/8 08:13
300yen unlimited text for up to 30 days..1st you'll need to activate the function by dialing 1400 n follow the phone guide..once you activate it, it'll automatically renew every month (deduct 300yen) depending on your account balance..


the unlimited email work just like ur normal email, u can send/receive SMS (btwn softbank no.) and S!Mail ( softbank,non-softbank, PC email) unlimited for 30 days

FYI you can buy 2nd hand softbank phone of ur choice online check rakuten/yahoo, eventhough the model is not mentioned in the softbank prepaid model line-up page. just make sure the phone is 3G capable n you're good to go,just insert the simcard.

smartphone/iphone u'll need to do some setting to enable some function.
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