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tsunami in Tokyo bay ? 2012/1/10 08:07
The March tsunami had serious effects
in the local area around Sendai and the coast. Did Tokyo and Yokohama Bay see any "side effects". I realize that the bay is not in direct line with the coast, but the pattern of waves might have reached around and come up the bay. Thoughts ?
by Peter (guest)  

Re: tsunami in Tokyo bay ? 2012/1/11 07:59
There was no considerable tsunami in the bay, and it did not cause any damage. However, the long earthquake caused soil liquefaction in some of the man made districts.
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Re: tsunami in Tokyo bay ? 2012/1/11 16:24

Uji is right. The various effects in Greater Tokyo had more to do with the tremor than the tsunami, but here are some photos that show you the effects of the tsunami (along with the tremor) in Yokohama.

There were roads being soaked mainly in Yokosuka area, but no humans were injured by that.
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Re: tsunami in Tokyo bay ? 2012/1/12 00:02
Thank you both. I appreciate the
As a side question. The great wave pictured in Hokusais woodblock is a type of tsunami. I wonder if historically was that waive one of the ones that took the building away form the daibutsu in Kamakura ?
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Hokusai 2012/1/12 00:48
If you're talking about the art piece "Kanagawa-oki Namiura," a very quick internet search tells me that details are yet to be discovered but the art piece most likely discribes a tsunami during 1700 to 1710 or so.

On the other hand, I assume the tsunami you're talking about is the one that occured on September 20th, 1498.
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Re: tsunami in 1700 2012/1/13 02:30
The January 26, 1700 M9 quake off the northwestern North American coast that Uco refers to caused a massive tsunami that destroyed Japanese Pacific coastal villages. Because of the record keeping of this tsunami by Japanese monks, the date and time of the quake was established.

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Re: tsunami in Tokyo bay ? 2012/1/13 14:29
I was talking to some people from Kessenuma the other day. They were saying that in their imaginings a tsunami looked like the Kanagawa-oki Namiura picture which seem to have inspired the warning signs for tsunami.

They had no idea what a tsunami looked like until it they saw it...

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