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trading police patches in Japan 2012/1/12 14:57
I want to know if it's possible to trade police patches at police stations in Japan.
I am an LAPD officer and one of my hobbies is collecting police patches from different police departments.
If I bring patches from LAPD to Japan with me, will any departments be willing to trade patches with me??

Any answers would be greatly appreciated!
by Rachel (guest)  

Re: trading police patches in Japan 2012/1/14 05:07
I don't think the officers at the stations have patches to trade out in Japan. Uniforms are very standardized in Japan, the patches are almost identical throughout the entire country, except, they have different wording and seal depending on which prefecture they are in, but the design stays the same. Everything from the colors, to the type of uniform is standardized, so the officer in Tokyo essentially looks the same as the officer way up in northern Hokkaido.

This is unlike America with thousands of different police/sheriff and other law enforcement agencies, with different types of uniforms, badges, patches etc, it makes for a great environment to change agency patches etc. Such an environment doesn't really exist in Japan.

Though many Japanese police are friendly enough to take a photograph with, and I'm sure they would appreciate a gift from their counterparts in America, they might even decorate the local koban by hanging the patch on the wall.
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Re: trading police patches in Japan 2012/1/14 06:03
Many years ago I missed the last train out of Oita and the friendly local Oita police brought in out of the cold where we talked all night/morning and they bought me doughnuts, hot coffee and made me a makeshift bed under a desk!

On leaving in the morning one of the officers gave me his bronze(?) Japanese police epaulets which I still have to this day.
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Re: trading police patches in Japan 2013/1/12 21:39
Dieter Manhei

Hallo Al,

Im a german police ,patch-collector and very intersted for trade police patches, in trade for my german polizei patches.
Are you interested for trade with me??please send me your address ,and I`m sending my patches to you, sorry for my bad English.
Stay Safe... Good Bless

with best from germany

dieter manthei
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