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re-entry permit 2012/1/14 08:06

long story short .. I have my Permanent Resident visa last year issued by Sendai Immigration Branch and have moved to Yokohama recently for new job. And Imight have to travel overseas for the job, and question is do I need to apply the re-entry permit all the way at Sendai Branch or I can just do it here in Yokohama or Tokyo?

Thank you.
by tanshin (guest)  

Re: re-entry permit 2012/1/14 08:47
You are supposed to do it at the immigration bureau which is located in the prefecture where you are currently living.

I believe that re-entry permits will cease to be necessary for oversea stays of under a year, starting from July 9, 2012.
by Uji rate this post as useful

Re: re-entry permit 2012/1/14 13:35
problem is although i'm 'living' n working in yokohama, I still maintain my residency in Fukushima,family is there and the work I'm doing is not permanent. My gaijin card is still registered to Fukushima address (and the immigration center is in koriyama city, a branch for Sendai Immigration).

As for the new immigration requirement, yes I'm aware of it. Just that in between now until Jul, should I need to exit and re-enter japan, I'll need the re-entry permit done then.

by tanshin (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: re-entry permit 2012/1/14 13:57
just went through the immigration websites, seems that I'll need to run down (up actually) to Koriyama City Immigration branch to get the re-entry. Thought that you can get it done anywhere, when the equake hit in march every1 was flying out.
thanks Uji-san as always for your replies..
by tanshin (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: re-entry permit 2012/1/14 14:02
Unless you have an upcoming trip to Koriyama anyways, I would give it a try in Tokyo or Yokohama. Despite living in Gunma, I was able to get my re-entry permit at the Saitama office the last time. I think they may make an exception in cases like yours. But I cannot guarantee it.
by Uji rate this post as useful

Re: re-entry permit 2012/1/14 15:57
Headover to Tokyo Regional Immigration near Shinagawa, it's huge, and they process a lot of folk there. Just explain it, shouldn't be a problem for re-entry permit.
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Re: re-entry permit 2012/1/15 01:06
thanks for the reply !
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