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Teaching Job Course Opportunity 2012/1/16 16:17
Hey all,

I have a chance to take an Advanced TEFL Course for only $99 (Aus), the normal price is $564 (Aus). I thought this was an awesome chance to do something I have wanted to try for awhile now.

Am just wondering if this course is any good for getting a teaching job in Japan? I don't want to be wasting money for no reason! My husband wanted to search for jobs while we are over in Japan for a holiday this year while we are in the country (I am not sure how successful he would be at this, probably not much at all). So would this certificate actually make this idea feasible? Or would this certificate make applying through a company much more viable?

Thanks so much for any input about the course!

P.S. the course and website is here:
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Re: Teaching Job Course Opportunity 2012/1/17 10:40
Is this an online course? Then I would say it's not much use - it's the classroom experience that gives you (1) an idea about whether you really like teaching, and (2) an experience in classroom that would actually help you later in class or in an interview (when asked how you'd deal with a certain situation, etc.).

Does this company offer this course on one hand and offer you teaching positions at their affiliated schools? Check if they have schools in Japan.
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Re: Teaching Job Course Opportunity 2012/1/17 10:47
Do you have a Degree? because without that you wont be able to get a work visa so the TEFL course would be useless.
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Re: Teaching Job Course Opportunity 2012/1/27 09:15
Thank you for the answers. I pretty much already knew this, but needed conformation for my husband to finally realise that it ain't that easy to get into Japan to work!
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